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Reclaimed timber, a good idea?

March 7, 2018

Using reclaimed timber on squash courts and sports floors can be a little dicey. You must know the exact condition of the boards or be buying from a reputable dealer if you have not seen the boards. The problem with reclaimed timber is that it can be more brittle if it has been exposed to water and then dried, not to mention it will be warped and will not fit together properly.

However, if you trust the source, reclaimed floors are a fantastic option. They cost a fraction of the price and once they have been installed on a new undercarriage, sanded and sealed if necessary, they look almost brand new. 

The reason many floors fail is due to incorrect installation, not because the boards have failed. This is exactly the case with a reclaimed floor, if it has been installed correctly it will last just as long as a brand new floor. 


So next time you are considering replacing your floor, get in touch to see what we have in stock and you might save a small fortune!



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